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  1. How nice to have an informative website. We have 4 Great Danes and I have been lucky enough to have a Great Dane since I was 18 and now am 63. We recently got 2 brothers from Denali Danes that are now 5 months old and are going to train one Rommel has the temperament for Therapy dog Training, We live in Homer have a wonderful setup for our 4 footed family. They are always with us. We have one Fawn (Max-10 years old) one Mismarked Mantle (Sunshine-2 years old))and the 2 new pups (Mr. Spock he goes where no pup has gone before… and Rommel who is a lil tank) As for being out of the same liter the DNA is interesting one looks very European and the other more like the more stream lined American type. My first Dane was a Rebel son that I got in Redmond,WA from Hazel Mage’s Laurado(sorry about spelling?) Kennels. He was a Brindle and the most amazing dog. Small world. Don’t need to post however I would love to here from you. Now that I am retired.. I have the time to train more and be more involved with Breed Activities. When is the next AKC Alaska State show? I would love to not miss it. Please have someone contact me. Sincerely, R. Alene Hidecker

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